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About Me

"What's up guys, Groovy Guitar Dude here!"

If you came here from YouTube, chances are you have heard me say that before! My name is Cody and I teach guitar lessons for beginners on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram as The Groovy Guitar Dude! 

I love music. Period. I can barely go an hour without listening to it. I refuse to leave my house without my guitar or ukulele. Music has been a soundtrack to my very best memories. Music has been there for me through some of my hardest times. I LOVE MUSIC!

When I first started playing guitar in 2007, my dad had cancer. He passed away a few months after I started playing. After he passed, my family did not have the money to pay for expensive weekly guitar lessons for me, so I was stuck learning on my own. At first, I took this as a disadvantage and seeing my friends taking formal guitar lessons and progressing faster than me was discouraging. Then I discovered that there were THOUSANDS of free guitar lessons on YouTube! And oh man, did that open a whole new world to me! After a while of learning the songs I loved, I realized, this is how people should be learning music. Teachers like Marty Shwartz (GuitarJamz), Andy (Andy Guitar), Justin (JustinGuitar), and many others got me to the point I am today with guitar playing. 

Fast-forward about 15 years. I have people constantly ask me how I learned and who was my teacher when I was first learning so that they or their children might learn as well! Not that I am an AMAZING guitarist or anything, there are many others that are better than me. But people seeing the passion and joy I have for the music leads them to inquire. 

My goal in teaching is always to do my very best to share that passion that I have with others, and give them the tools to express that passion through music! My greatest hope is that that shines through in my guitar tutorials! 

I love music and I love all opportunities I get to share that love of music with others. So thank you for taking the time to stop in and read a little about me and what I do! 

- Cody (The Groovy Guitar Dude)