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Wait by Maroon 5 Guitar Lesson for Beginners

I am completely obsessed with Maroon 5's new album, Red Pill Blues! 
I am a long-time Maroon 5 fan and I can honestly say that I have not loved an album from them as much as I do Red Pill Blues since Songs About Jane! Red Pill Blues is a new sound for Maroon 5 with Adam Levine's classic vocals and a different, more modern sound from the band! There are soooo many groovy songs on Red Pill Blues, so expect a lot of lessons from this album, but for today we are tackling Wait!
Chords Needed for Wait:
Wait is one of those groovy songs that is played the same way through almost the whole entire song! If you are familiar with Wait, you probably noticed the little guitar picking part that is played through the whole song. That is what we are learning! Don't worry! I am going to give you a way to put some chords and a strum pattern to this as well to keep it fun and not so repetitive!
Here is our picking pattern for the whole song:
And guys, that repeats through the whole song and is all you need to know to play the picking part! If you have trouble with the finger placement, check out my video above for some extra help! Now on to the chords and strumming!
Chords Played Through The Whole Song:
Em (x2), C (x2), G (x3), D/F# (x1)
Strum Pattern:
And guys, that is everything you need to know to play Wait on guitar! If you have any questions, hit that YouTube comment section and I will get back to you very quickly! If you liked this lesson don't forget to hit subscribe! If you are missing any of the gear used in this video, check out my Free Beginner Guitar Toolkit to get everything you need to get started playing songs like this one on guitar :)
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Stay Groovy!
- The Groovy Guitar Dude