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Twist and Shout by The Beatles Guitar Lesson for Beginners!

Usually at least once or twice a month, it happens to me... I never see it coming. I never expect it. But I get COMPLETELY OBSESSED with The Beatles for a day or two and won't listen to anything besides them! Yesterday I had one of my notorious "Beatles Days" and was jamming on Twist and Shout all day! This song is so fun to play and sing and you guys are going to have a blast jamming on it too once you learn it! 

Here are a few important notes to help you learn Twist and Shout with as much ease as possible! 

Twist and Shout - The Beatles

Capo 1st Fret

Chords Needed for Twist and Shout:

C, G, and F


 Twist and Shout is a blast to play on guitar and is very beginner friendly when played this way! And fortunately for us, Twist and Shout has the same guitar almost the whole entire way through the song! 

We are going to start out intro with a very simple picking progression which will go 3rd fret on E, open A, and 2nd on A! Then we go straight into our chords for the whole song (except the bridge) which are C, F, and G. Here are are strum patterns for each chord:







Will play that little picking piece throughout the song in various places, but the most important part is to hit that about 4 times in the beginning! From there, we will repeat these 3 chords with that strum pattern through almost the whole song!

The only remaining part of the song that is a little different is the bridge! The bridge is not hard, but it is a little funky and hard to explain without showing, so check out my video lesson above for a thorough explanation on how to play this fun bridge!

I had a blast jamming on Twist and Shout and I have never done a Beatles lesson before, so this was extra fun! Hope y'all have as much fun playing this as I do! Stay Groovy!

- The Groovy Guitar Dude