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Gorgeous Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson for Beginners

Guys. I. Can. Not. Wait. For. Taylor. Swift's. New. Album. 

If you are new to my guitar lessons, you may not know about my love for Taylor Swift. I have been a HUGE fan of her since her very first album. Okay... If I'm honest, I may have a had a little crush on her. Like posters (not just one) on the wall crush... But anyways! I am not as crazy about Taylor's new style as I was about her older style and albums, but I will love anything that she comes out with! So with all that said, here is my guitar walk-through for Gorgeous! I hope you enjoy it :)

Gorgeous is another of Taylor Swift's new songs that does not have very much guitar in it, so we are going to try to match the keyboard sounds that play throughout the song to help supplement the little guitar that is in here! We are going to start with a few chords that we will play through our VERSES and CHORUSES:


Verse and Chorus Chords:

C, C, Am, F, and G (In that order)

So for our verses we are going to be picking to match the keys that play throughout the whole song! What that will look like for our C chord for example is playing the C chord and picking the A, D, G, B, (small pause) and then high E in that order. Doing this for each chord besides the G will result in a sound near exactly matching the keys! What do we do with the G at the end, you ask? One big and quick down strum! 

Another option we have for the verses and especially the choruses is to use this strum pattern for when we want a bigger sound:

↓↑↓↑ ↓


F, Em, F, Em, and G

For pre-chorus, we are just going to play simple single down strums for each chord! Easy cheesy!


F, A string transition, and G

The last thing you need to know to play Gorgeous is the bridge and it is going to be two chords, a transition, and a simple strum pattern! We are going to start with a F chord and use this strum pattern:


So we will start with a F chord using that strum pattern! From there we go into that A string transition, which is just a simple open A string plucked 2 or 3 times to walk up to the G chord! The G chord will have the same strum pattern then we will walk back down with that A string once again back to the F chord and repeat!

And guys, that is everything you need to know to play Gorgeous by Taylor Swift on guitar! As always if you guys have any questions, you can check my YouTube video out above and hit me with any questions in the comments down there! Thanks so much for checking out this lesson, I'll see you guys soon!

- The Groovy Guitar Dude