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Free Fallin' by Tom Petty Guitar Lesson for Beginners!

Yesterday, extremely sadly, Tom Petty passed away from a heart attack. He was an incredible musician and song-writer, and he inspired countless of today's most prominent musicians to make the music we all know and love. Today, I made this guitar lesson for Free Fallin' as a tribute to him, in hopes that you may learn this timeless song, and carry on the legacy of his music!


Here are a few important notes that will help you while learning Free Fallin' on guitar, along with my free online guitar lesson for this song that is available to anyone and everyone on YouTube!


Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

Capo 3rd Fret

Chords Needed for Free Fallin':

G, D, and A

Free Fallin' is an EXCELLENT song for beginner guitarists to learn because it has a very simple chord progression that repeats through literally the whole entire song!

The chord progression goes as follows:

D, G, G, D, and A

The only thing that changes through the whole song are the strum patterns that are used in different places throughout the song. 

  • So first we will start with the most simple strum pattern that brings us into the song first, simple single down strums for each chord. Just one single down strum per chord, easy, right? The only thing to keep in mind while playing this strum pattern is to ensure that your timing is correct. We will start with our D chord, which we will let ring out for about a second or two, then into our G chord which will ring out as well, then our second G will be short, our second D which will be short as well, and lastly, our A chord which will ring out for about two seconds.
  • Next we will go into the strum pattern which is used for the majority of the song. This one is a little trickier, but if you are familiar with the song, it will be a breeze! Just for reference: D = Down Strum and U = Up Strum! We start with our first D chord which will be D D U, then we will go to G chord which will be D D U D, then to our second G chord which will be D, then our second D chord which will be a single D strum, and lastly out A chord which will be D U D D.
  • Our third and final strum pattern is for the bridge of Free Fallin' only. This one is especially easy as it is only down strums! If you want to add a little extra percussiveness to this section, try palm muting while playing the bridge! For the bridge our first D chord will be D D D, our first G chord will be D D D D D, our second G chord will be D, our second D chord will be D, and finally our A chord will be D D D D D.

And guys, that is everything you need to know to play Free Fallin' by Tom Petty on guitar! Don't forget to check out my video walk through on this guitar lesson and hit me up there with any questions or just to say what's up! :)

Hope this lesson helped you out and hope you have a Groovy day! 

- The Groovy Guitar Dude