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Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson for Beginners!

Taylor Swift just released her latest single before her new album, Reputation, gets released next week. Call It What You Want is my favorite song from Reputation so far and it is super chill and easy to play on guitar! Here is my video and check out my breakdown on the chords and strum patterns below!
Capo 2nd Fret
Chords Needed:
Strum Patterns:
Call It What You Want is one of those very groovy songs that is played the same way through almost the entire song! For most of the song the chords will be:
C, G, D, and Em
So since this is played through almost the entire song, the way I decided to break it up a little that sounded cool is to use single down strums for the verses and the longer strum pattern (↓↓↑↓↑↓↓) for the choruses! 
That is played through almost the whole song except for the bridge! For the bridge we will play single down strums with this chord progression:
C, D, Em, and Em once more
And guys, that is everything you need to know to play Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift! If you have any questions, hit me up on YouTube and I will get right back to you! Also if you want to learn any of Taylor's other singles from Reputation, here are my video lessons for them right here:
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Stay Groovy,
- The Groovy Guitar Dude