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Burning by Sam Smith Guitar Lesson for Beginners

The Thrill Of It All is officially out! 
Burning was Sam Smith's last single for his his new album, The Thrill Of It All, before its release. In this guitar lesson, we are matching up the piano in Burning with a simple guitar picking and strumming piece! You will need a capo so if you haven't yet, check out my Free Beginner Guitar Toolkit! Check out the video below and let me know if you have any questions on YouTube :)
Capo 6th Fret
Chords Needed: 
Strum Pattern:
Burning is one of those extra groovy songs that are played the same way almost the entire way through the song. The very simple version of Sam Smith's Burning will play like this:
Am  (x2), G (x2), C (x3), G/B (x1)
This chord sequence will be played 3 times, then: 
Am (x2), G (x2), F (x4)
And that is it guys! In my YouTube tutorial for Burning I have a slightly more advanced way to add some cool picking in to better match the piano, so check that out above to learn how! Hope you enjoyed this lesson an jamming on this song as much as I did! 
Stay Groovy!
- The Groovy Guitar Dude