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Bodak Yellow by Cardi B Guitar Lesson for Beginners

If you came from my YouTube channel, you probably already know how much I love learning and teaching songs on guitar that may not be typically played on guitar! Especially Hip-Hop and R&B songs, like Bodak Yellow! Here is my very quick run through on how to play Bodak Yellow on guitar!

Guys, this is a super quick and easy song to add to your guitar playing catalog if you are into learning uncommon guitar songs like this one! All you need is this super simple picking pattern, one chord, and a couple strum pattern options!

Here is your picking pattern:


This picking pattern will play through literally the whole entire song! The only additional playing option you may want to add is adding this E Variation chord that I show in the video!

The chord chart for that will look like this:

E - 0

B - 0

G - 4

D - 2

A - 2

E - 0

That E chord will match up with the big bass hits that play throughout the whole song! 

Here are a few options for strum patterns I use for Bodak Yellow:

1) ↓

2) ↓↓↑

3) ↓↓↑↓↑

And guys, that is everything that you need to know to play Bodak Yellow by Cardi B on guitar! As always, if you have any questions, hit me up in the comments on my YouTube channel and I will get back to you fast! Thanks for checking this lesson out, hope it helps you get to jammin'!

Stay Groovy!

- The Groovy Guitar Dude